History and development of Smeg Kitchen Appliances

History and development of Smeg Kitchen Appliances

In the kitchen, Smeg is synonymous with innovation, style and quality. Smeg is based in northern Italy and is a leading Italian manufacturer of household appliances that is mainly specialized in kitchen utensils and for the past 65 years, the company has managed to develop a host of professional relationships with retailers from all over the world. Through unmatched quality and commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, Smeg has managed to stand out and cross the Italian borders, creating subsidiaries in many countries worldwide. Smeg and elegant at the same time, Smeg Kitchen Machines has a retro style that appeals to those who love vintage decorations and who are particularly interested in the kitchen of the 1950s. Nevertheless, the kitchen utensils that Smeg manufactures and sells so versatile that they can meet all customers needs with regard to design, aspect and functionality without problems.

The kitchen appliance manufacturer is part of a larger group, called Smeg Group, which intends to bring Italian style to a whole new level. The company caters for people looking for advanced kitchen equipment and to restaurants and other food industry companies who need professional, reliable, durable and elegant catering and restaurant equipment.

A brief overview of the companys history

As mentioned above, Smeg was founded by Vittorio Bertazzoni, a member of the famous Bertazzoni family, who stood out through his entrepreneurial spirit dating back to the centuries. Founded around the mid 20th century in the Reggio Emilia area of ​​Italy, the company slowly developed into one of Italys most famous manufacturers of advanced home and kitchen appliances. Everything started with automatic gaspies, as these were the first kitchen appliances that were designed and released on the local market by the Smeg company. Considering that these hands-on devices were very user-friendly, easy to use and feature-rich at the same time they quickly became very popular, which really brought the companys visibility and brand. Slowly but Smeg has begun to expand its horizons and it was no longer limited to making stoves and cooking appliances. Thus, the company created its first dishwasher and washing line, both of which were very popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

The range of Smeg appliances was further expanded: In addition to creating the worlds first compact and space-efficient dishwasher, the company continued to make built-in ovens and hotplates. What makes Smegs line of built-in ovens and hotplates so special is that it was actually constructed in collaboration with world-renowned architects, as evidenced by the outstanding design of its appliances, which are very stylish and elegant enough to double not only as practical and functional kitchen appliances , but also as decorative pieces. Since the 1990s Smeg had begun releasing his first retro refrigerator, which immediately became popular not only in Italy but worldwide.

At present, the company is best known for its high-quality ovens, sinks, hoods, built-in stoves, refrigerators and other cool kitchen appliances, and managed to fame through the impeccable Italian design combined with an endless passion for home and kitchen decoration. All Smeg kitchen appliances reflect the Italian creativity, style and unique craftsmanship that Smeg is proud of, especially the 1950s refrigerators or stoves that have a rugged and durable construction entirely made of stainless steel. The timeless design of these devices will never go old-fashioned, and they are versatile to adhere to market trends, which are constantly changing in this industry.

Smegs step-by-step rose to fame did not go unnoticed, as the apparatus manufacturer managed to get many prizes and prices from leading institutions specializing in kitchen and household appliances.

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